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nspca also allegedly passed off a dog that was being abused by a shelter employee as a rescue, despite knowing for more than a year that the dog had already been adopted. this wasnt the only apparent impropriety surrounding the shelters operation, though. the report noted that animal control officers (asos) trying to investigate complaints about improper care reportedly were told the group wasnt an animal shelter. an nspca attorney also told the vet that to determine if a complaint against the organization was valid, she should contact nspcas founder, kim mccary, rather than the organization itself. the organization was also reportedly referred to as the shrink kennels because it doesnt take in large animals and gets most of its referrals from psychiatrists.

the investigation into nspca also reportedly revealed that the organization has a history of rampant abuse, neglect, and outright cruelty. as far back as 2009, nspca had been the subject of complaints from animal control officers and an internal audit that found a number of instances of dogs with serious injuries, including two dogs that were reported to have died due to untreated wounds and others that had to be euthanized. it wasnt just dogs, though. a 2001 law enforcement investigation into the group reportedly found that the shelters principal operator, mccary, had allegedly falsified addresses for older dogs she wanted to rehome and lied to investigators about her own knowledge of the dogs, a matter she later admitted in a plea agreement. she was ordered to pay restitution to a former girlfriend of her sons to help pay for expenses to rehabilitate two dogs, one of whom was subsequently killed by a hit-and-run driver. 3d9ccd7d82


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