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the struggle for womens suffrage was no easy task. a year after the worcester convention, susan b. anthony died. in 1878, lucy stone was forced to resign as president of the women's national republican association. she received the title of president emeritus. stone would later be the editor of the national american woman suffrage association (nafsa) until her death in 1922.

Lucy Pebble The Effect Pdf 24

after graduating from oberlin in 1844, she worked as a teacher for several years, mostly in new york, before traveling the country to speak and recruit for the women's rights movement. between 1846 and 1851, lucy stone and her sister alice traveled over a thousand miles on horseback as they spoke on behalf of women s rights in every state. the pair made about $2,000 a year, which was barely enough to sustain them. though the sisters were often physically exhausted after a long day of speaking, their energy never diminished. they worked as hard as they spoke, which included sleeping on straw on the floor, eating only plain food, and living in a crude tent. the sisters were often hungry and cold. some nights, alice, who had a deep voice, would walk in front of the tent with her sister following on her horse, bearing a heavy load of luggage. the brothers in the movement called lucy and alice stone whores, just for speaking and writing about womens rights.

in 1852, lucy stone co-founded the boston womens suffrage association with lucys brother, henry blackwell, and their friend elizabeth cady stanton. the association was called the national womens rights association, or nwra, the first national womens rights organization. the nwra was not recognized in massachusetts, so lucy and her colleagues moved to new york where the association became the national womens rights association (nwra) in 1853. lucy wrote many of the association s most widely read pamphlets, including the pamphlet she suffered wrong, she suffered wrong, the first book on womens experience of sexual violence and the first book to discuss womens rights. in 1855, lucy stone became the first woman to speak on the floor of the u.s. congress. lucy stone argued against the fugitive slave act, which held that african-americans were no longer free citizens of the united states but rather, slaves. she was arrested, charged with treason, and fined $500. after stone refused to pay, she was held in jail for two months, until her case was dismissed.


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