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RPC8394 1.6 TPM Reader [UPDATED]

the rpc8394 is a low-cost single-chip tpm (tpm1.2) reader/writer. an rpc8394 reader is a tpm (tpm1.2) chip that's been patched for rpc8394 compatibility. it's ideal for reading and writing eeproms, bioses, and passwords. it even supports windows bitlocker.

RPC8394 1.6 TPM reader

the best example is my pci eeprom reader/writer: using the rpc8394, you can read/write any kind of eeprom with just a pc. rpc8394 is the only product that's got such low cost with such a great performance.

in a few days, i will have a new video for you! i have already made a video for the hard disk reader. i will make it for the 4 flash memory chips, the entire eeprom, and the hard disk reader as well. i need a few days to process them all, but i will update you on what i get.

for the most part, this is a pretty straightforward application. the rpc8394 (reader) will read data from the eeprom or prom chip and store it in an internal flash memory array. this flash memory can then be read by the wpc8394 (writer) chip. the wpc8394 (writer) will then read the data from the flash memory and write it to the chip. it can also write to a eeprom chip, a floppy disk drive, or any other device that has an spi or parallel interface. this will allow you to read and write any memory chip that uses spi or parallel communication.

the rpc8394 (reader) chip is designed to be used with a wpc8394 (writer) chip. the wpc8394 (writer) is a 32-bit microcontroller that will allow you to read and write any spi or parallel memory chip. the wpc8394 (writer) will communicate with any memory chip that has an spi or parallel interface. this includes microchips like the 8256, eeprom, at45, and so on. wpc8394 (writer) also supports other devices like parallel flash drives and floppy drives.


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