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As you can see, there is a lot of work to crack WEP keys. To speed things up, you can download the data sets from the WEP test website. This will save a lot of time for the aircrack-ng brute force. There is even an option to convert the data sets into the aircrack-ng format.

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The default in aircrack-ng is to crack 128 bit keys. This is largely because it is common. Now WEP often uses 128 bit keys with 64 bit IVs. Your best chance of finding the 64 bit WEP key is to start there. If you make an attempt to crack the 128 bit key, you will be wasting your time. Sometimes it is difficult to find IVs. One of the reasons for this is the IVs tend to change dramatically between the access points. Thus, you will need to take many attempts before you succeed.

As I described in the previous section, the IV count is one key factor. There are other useful stats which may be of help. For example, aircrack-ng -t 64.cap will test all the keys by giving you a decimal string and asking you to enter the hexadecimal portion of the decimal number, and then aircrack-ng -t 64.cap will compare the string entered and the known string. This is a big win over plain aircrack-ng which generally just keeps guessing. It is also a big win over a normal brute force attack, because if the aircrack-ng -t 64.cap is trying to guess every possible octet of an incorrect hex string, then the normal brute force attack is guessing an incorrect octet, and is thus much slower than this method.

Another useful statistic is the number of duplicate WEP keys which aircrack-ng -t can find. If you have a multi-user network, all WEP keys should be unique. Thus, it is highly likely that when you enter a specific set of IVs, more than one WEP key will match that. One way of addressing this is to run the aircrack-ng -t a number of times and store the key discovered in a list. You can then compare the list to see which WEP key matched. But, once again, this is a task better left to a cracker than a casual user.


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