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Download Fxpansion Bfd2 Full Version ^HOT^


Download Fxpansion Bfd2 Full Version ^HOT^

In the new release BFD2 boasts a 55GB core library, covering 10 full acoustic kits, multiple mic positions, performance articulations and up to 96 velocity layers. The user interface has been completely redesigned and, as well as comprehensive mixing capabilities, the new version also includes over 5000 drum grooves and a Cubase-like drum-pattern editor. As before, BFD2 works as a VST, RTAS and AU plug-in, and as a stand-alone application.

For a mega kit-and-percussion combination, the 32-piece kit should be just the ticket, although you will need the Percussion Expansion Pack to really make the most of it.The Mixer page provides a very flexible mixing environment.The Kit page is split into three main areas. The large image of the drum kit is retained from the earlier version and the sounds associated with each kit piece can be auditioned via the mouse. The bottom half of the display shows the specific drums loaded into each kit-piece slot. To the left of this display are three small buttons that allow you to switch between three different kit sizes; 10, 18 and 32 pieces. The drum-kit display changes to reflect this. For the 32-piece kit it adds a 14-piece percussion ensemble to the 18-piece kit display, but since there are not many percussion instruments included as standard with BFD2 you will need to add the Percussion Expansion Pack (159) to make full use of this.

There are plenty of ways to reduce the load on the host computer, via the Engine settings on the Preferences page.Given the comprehensive nature of the samples, one might expect BFD2 to be a little hungry in terms of computer resources. Fortunately, alongside all sorts of other settings, the Engine section of the Preferences page allows the user to lighten this load. For example, under the Streaming Engine settings, a 16-bit mode can be selected and the number of velocity layers can be restricted. Having made changes of this kind, you can apply them with the Restart Engine button. This makes it easy to move between a 'lite' version of BFD2 while tracking and a 'full-on' version when performing a final mixdown.

BFD3 and the BFD3 Core Library are available as a downloadable product. The boxed USB version is no longer available - if you encounter any issues with the BFD3 Core Library download, please speak to our support team.

The boxed and download versions can be purchased directly from our website. In addition, the boxed version is available at local dealers, and the download version is available from selected online stores.

Please Note: This product is supplied as registration card and serial numbers. Upon registration FXPansion will provide the product electronically via a provided download link.BFD Eco is a streamlined, fun and affordable software instrument for acoustic drums, based on the award-winning BFD2 engine. Supplied with a selection of the best BFD2 sounds, it can also be expanded with the wide range of FXpansion and 3rd-party add-ons.BFD Eco's versatile mixing and EQ/FX section allows sculpting of the kit and the lush ambience for any musical situation, with a multitude of genre-based presets to get you started. Meanwhile, the integrated Groove player delivers diverse, ready-made drum patterns full of flavour and realism.Featuring an interface perfectly balanced between ease of use and flexibility, BFD Eco is provided as a standalone application and as a plugin for conveniently injecting realistic and powerful drums directly into your projects.BFD Eco gives you easy access to the some of the best sounds in the BFD2 library, recorded at London's Air Studios. The included sounds are full of dramatic levels of detail and mojo... Anything but sterile, BFD Eco is imbued with a musical character that sets it apart from the homogenized, flat sounds found elsewhere.Included are a multitude of presets that showcase BFD Eco's powerful, punchy-sounding mixing section. The EQ and dynamics/effect processing allo


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