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Keygen Synology Camera License Pack [BEST]

In the table above, you can see a detailed example of four different camera types. Certain panoramic cameras (e.g., Axis M3007) supporting on-camera dewarping may provide more than one stream (e.g., Quad View, Double Panorama, and Original View) at a time. Each regular and panoramic camera requires one license only.

Keygen synology camera license pack

There are two types of multi-lens cameras: fixed lens and removable lens. Most fixed lens cameras providing more than one stream at a time require only one license per camera. For fixed lens cameras with independent IP addresses or removable lens cameras, you will need one license per channel. For example, you can add as many as three lenses to Axis Q3709-PVE, which allows you to stream up to three channels. If you want to display all three channels in Surveillance Station, you will need three licenses. Take Axis F44 as another example. Axis F44 (with as many as four lenses) allows you to stream up to five channels, with four of the channels displaying footage from the four lenses, and the fifth channel combining the view of all four cameras. If you wish to display all five channels in Surveillance Station, you will need five licenses accordingly.

Video servers such as Vivotek VS8801 can connect to as many as eight analog cameras. In this case, you will need eight licenses accordingly. This rule also applies to video servers that are compatible with Surveillance Station. 076b4e4f54


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