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Sven Bomwollen 7 In 1 Collection (PC).18


Sven Bomwollen 7 In 1 Collection (PC).18

wtan, whose name is apparently a joke on the nordic god wotan, is the shepherd's dog, walks around the flock at moderate speed, but starts to run when he sees sven. he is the most important enemy sven needs to avoid, as being captured will result in the loss of a life. occasionally, wtan will fall asleep, which gives sven time to take care of the sheep.

the player has 90 seconds to please all the sheep on screen. little weather symbols above the sheeps heads show their respective moods, ranging from sunny to stormy. the worse the mood the more affection they need from sven. but the little ram cannot be idle for the shepherd and his dog are after him and try to prevent him from his mission. if they catch him, he loses a screen life.

one of the coolest aspects of this collection is the addictive interactive gameplay by which the player can choose different levels, and even use different characters. of course, the character you pick is only available to you in that specific level and you can't switch back and forth from one to the other. even if you want to play the game with the girl, this is not possible, as you're only allowed to play the game as the guy. but a major plus is that the levels are more animated than in the previous versions and the background of each level is composed of many additional animated elements such as trees, flowers, animals and even a few human like elements. the animation of each level is also animated in the typical mouse mode, which means that you can move the camera with your mouse-pointer. if you want to do this, be careful, as the scenery may become a bit tricky to navigate at times! 3d9ccd7d82


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