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Where Can I Buy Vegan Ice Cream Near Me

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Although vegan chocolate ice cream is often our most popular, we now carry a variety of vegan ice cream flavours, depending on ingredient availability at your local Marble Slab. In addition to our original flavours of coconut milk, strawberry banana, chocolate and pina colada, we have since created the mouth-watering additions of coconut lime and chocomint!

This is Andrea and Tony Franco's fourth summer scooping luscious ice cream in their Morristown ice cream shop. Besides offering "super-premium" traditional ice cream, the couple scoops a number of "super-premium" vegan ice creams.

Among their current flavors are cookies and cream (Oreos are vegan) and s'mores made with oat milk and vegan marshmallows. Andrea admits that the s'mores is her favorite vegan flavor, though she assures the chocolate would satisfy just about any chocoholic.

Known for sporting an ever-growing menu of creative desserts such as stuffed waffle "fries," doughnut ice cream sandwiches, and dipped strawberry "bouquets," it's no surprise that this Division Street shop is now offering organic vegan mousse made fresh every day using coconut cream. Flavors include decadent chocolate, pure vanilla, peanut butter, cookie butter, and chocolate peanut butter.

During the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, Fresh Tiki Bar began selling at-home ice cream sundae kits that included homemade whipped cream, which co-owner Aimee Suprenant's grandmother taught her to make. It was so popular that Suprenant, who aims to create desserts for everyone regardless of dietary preferences or allergies, decided to try to replicate its taste using vegan ingredients. The effort evolved, and Fresh Tiki Bar's vegan mousse was born.

"Our vegan mousse has the same decadent, rich-tasting flavor of a dairy mousse, however there are no dairy ingredients used," said Suprenant of the mousse, which can be served on its own or atop options such as a vegan, gluten-free waffle with fruit. "The consistency of our vegan mousse is incredibly fluffy and smooth while still having the same cool, refreshing temperature as ice cream."

Think vegan ice cream can't be as creamy, rich and flavor-packed as traditional ice cream? Try telling that to the judges at the most recent Gelato Festival America. They awarded Mike Guerriero the No. 1 spot for his vegan blueberry basil ice cream.

It took owner Mike Elias two months to get his vegan ice cream right. "I finally got it to where I wanted it," said Elias, sitting at the window counter of his airy, inviting industrial-chic spot in Ridgewood, which arguably scoops the best ice cream in North Jersey. Elias uses high-end products including Valrhona chocolate and Tahitian vanilla beans.

Elias' frozen treat eschews milk, cream and eggs and instead uses coconut milk. The four flavors he started off with were chocolate, vanilla, blueberry and strawberry. In his ice cream case currently are vegan cookies-n-cream, vegan raspberry and vegan lemon in addition to the classic vanilla and chocolate.

As a food scientist who created formulas and recipes to develop new products, Morefield Ice Cream co-owner Rich Swartz has always been hyper-aware of food allergies, sensitivities and preferences. So, when he and his wife, Rachel Cyzner, both of Watchung, founded their microcreamery about one year ago, they immediately began offering vegan ice cream options.

"We did a lot of research comparing vegan ice cream you can get in the stores and we found them very chalky and 'off,' " Swartz said. "With our ice cream, we ensure there is no chalky texture. There is a science behind why the texture comes out the way it does. With my background, I was able to make a creamy, dairy alternative frozen dessert."

Why We Love it: We love that many traditional ice cream companies are getting into the vegan market. But what we love more is a company dedicated to producing only climate-friendly, cruelty-free, plant-based ice cream. And that is what Eclipse is all about.

On their menu is a wide ra


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