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Laboratories that use phenol are advised to assemble a kit for first aid treatment of dermal exposure. The kit should be located in a visible area where the phenol work is being done (for instance, in the fume hood), or nearby with the location clearly posted. The principal investigator or laboratory manager should train all persons working with phenol on how to respond to a phenol exposure and how to use the kit.

The mean particle size of the emulsified Bdph formulations was between 34.99 nm and 3.76 μm, while stock Bdph could not be detected, suggesting that only the hydrophobic layer was present in solution. The results showed that formulations with 50% Bdph had particle sizes above 366 nm, whereas emulsions with less than 20% Bdph had particle sizes below 237 nm (Table 2). This suggests that Bdph molecules were encapsulated in the emulsion particles, because a higher droplet size was noted in the presence of Bdph.

The mean survival time of tumor-bearing rats was increased with treatment. The mean survival time of untreated rats was 23.1 days (Figure 2B), compared with 37 days after treatment with 160 mg/kg BN-F and 31.7 days after treatment with 160 mg/kg stock Bdph (Figure 2B). A similar pattern was observed after treatment with 80 mg/kg BN-F and 80 mg/kg stock Bdph, where mean survival times were 30.8 and 26.0 days, respectively (Figure 2B). The survival times of untreated rats bearing tumors were shorter than those of the rats that received treatment, and a proliferating tumor mass was observed in the no-treatment group (Figure S3). These results suggest that Bdph prolonged the survival rate of animals with malignant brain tumor. Importantly, using an emulsified formulation reduced the required dose of Bdph, as evidenced by the fact that a half dose of BN-F showed equal efficacy to a whole dose of stock Bdph.Figure S3 (A) Appearance and (B) weight of tumors from rats sacrificed at 37 days with or without treatment. The data are expressed as mean /SD; **p 781b155fdc


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